Performance Improvement 2004. Designing an approach to assessing and reporting progress on recommendations from NCI's progress review groups (PRGs)


In April 1997, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) convened a multidisciplinary committee of scientists, clinicians, and advocates to review the field of prostate cancer research and make prioritized recommendations concerning the most needed and promising directions for future NCI investment. In August 1998, the Prostate Cancer Progress Review Group (PRG) issued its report Defeating Prostate Cancer: Crucial Directions for Research. In 2001, the NCI established an internal Prostate Cancer Working Group to assist in planning, monitoring, and tracking of progress. This report, National Cancer Institute Prostate Cancer Progress Report: Addressing the Recommendations of the Prostate Cancer Progress Review Group, includes the Prostate Cancer Working Group’s findings regarding the NCI’s responsiveness to the PRG recommendations, over the years 1998 through 2002 and will be used, by the NCI, for efficient implementation of the FY 2003–2008 prostate cancer research plan. Since the Prostate Cancer PRG issued its report, the NCI has steadily increased its investment in research relevant to prostate cancer in terms of dollars spent and the number of projects supported, as well as improving the monitoring of basic and clinical research. Numerous resources and programs have been sustained, expanded, and/or developed. Peer reviewed publications resulting from NCI-sponsored efforts show that much progress has been made in some of the specific topic areas identified as promising by the PRG. Further demonstration of progress can be found in prostate cancer-related patents that have been issued and changes in clinical practice that have been adopted. This report provides previously unpublished information on the results of the investment in prostate cancer research, treatment, and intervention and clearly identifies ongoing research and continuing needs and evolution in the field of prostate cancer research. Information in this report will be used by cancer researchers, policy makers, advocates,  industry representatives, and the public and will stimulate further research aimed at understanding and improving outcomes associated with prostate cancers.

PIC ID: 7631
Agency Sponsor: NIH-NCI, National Cancer Institute
Federal Contact: Corrigan, James, 301-496-5515
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