Performance Improvement 2004. Assessment of Strategies for engaging key healthy people constituents and potential partners through the health people consortium


This assessment examined the Healthy People Consortium, which includes representatives from State health agencies, as a mechanism for engaging external stakeholders in implementing Healthy People 2010 goals and objectives. Information and input from various Healthy People stakeholders, including representatives of State agencies, was collected during a State Healthy People Coordinators meeting convened in Washington, DC, December 3, 2002. It yielded important information on: (1) what strategies have or have not enhanced the achievement of Healthy People 2010 goals and objectives; (2) how Consortium members use Healthy People 2010, and (3) how strategies can improve the usefulness of Healthy People 2010.

PIC ID: 7835
Agency Sponsor: OPHS-ODPHP, Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
Federal Contact: Blakey, Carter, 240-453-8254
Performer: (unknown)

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