Performance Improvement 2004. Accomplishments in the Persistent Effects of Treatment Studies (PETS)


PETS evaluated the long-term effectiveness (up to thirty-six months) of substance abuse treatment services provided through a series of grants and cooperative agreements; and to conduct special studies and policy analyses that addressed specific drugs of abuse, methods of treatment, populations, or policy issues. Follow-up studies obtained information at selected follow-up periods for persons who had completed the index treatment episode and for whom historical, intake and treatment exit data were available. Major accomplishments included the enhancement of knowledge of the long term outcome course of people who seek treatment in the publicly funded treatment systems, and a substantial contribution to the published literature on longer term treatment outcomes.

PIC ID: 6738
Agency Sponsor: SAMHSA-CSAT, Center for Substance Abuse Treatment
Federal Contact: Kaiser, Javaid, 240-276-2826
Performer: Westat, Inc., Rockville, MD

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