Performance Improvement 2003. Understanding TANF Outcomes in Context: The Effects of Front-Line Assessment, Agency Characteristics, and Local Economic/Demographic Characteristics on Customer and Jurisdictional Level TANF Customers


This was the last in a series of reports describing the design, conduct, and findings of a multi-year, multi- method Maryland study of welfare reform implementation and outcomes. The study examined how variations in front-line client assessment practice and other important local contextual factors such as characteristics of local welfare agencies and local jurisdictions influence outcomes. All findings lent support to the original hypothesis that research emphasizing local variations is worth undertaking. The study found that many local welfare agencies had altered the TANF application processes as well as altering parts of their subsequent customer pathway and, second, that beyond a few basic similarities (mandated by state policies), substantial structural and procedural differences existed at local levels.

FEDERAL CONTACT: Karl Koerper, 202-401-4535 PIC ID: 6823

PERFORMER: University of Maryland, School of Social Work, Baltimore, MD

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