Performance Improvement 2003. Office of Healthcare Information


Tracking Research Impact: Final Report

This report provided a conceptual framework for understanding the research process and used the framework to synthesize information collected from structured discussions with staff from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the Veteran’s Health Administration and four nonprofit health services research organizations. The report describes the efforts of each organization to collect, translate and disseminate research findings and assesses their impact on the knowledge pool, policy and practice. Key findings and recommendations are that AHRQ should: (1) consider improving patient outcomes as its principal indicator of research impact and adopt “priority conditions” as a fundamental organizing   principle for its ongoing research process, (2) develop a more structured process for obtaining feedback from end users of research and consider increasing funding for projects designed specifically to help the agency synthesize larger bodies of research results, and (3) foster a closer and more deliberate interaction between the Office of Health Care Information (OHCI) and the project officers and Center   staff to improve dissemination efforts. Most organizations studied do not systematically use the results of current and past research efforts to explicitly determine priorities and allocate funding for the next round of research. Rather, they target their research at achieving a different type of impact--influencing health care policy or improving clinical and delivery system performance.

FEDERAL CONTACT: Sandra Isaacson, 301-427-1253 PIC ID: 7494

PERFORMER: Lewin Group, San Francisco, CA

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