Performance Improvement 2003. National Eye Institute


Designing Pilot Study to Enhance Referrals to Vision Rehabilitation Services

The Institute conducts a public education program on low vision designed to increase awareness of the benefits of vision rehabilitation. A key part of this program will be to develop strategies that will increase referrals from eye care professionals to vision rehabilitation services. In 2001, the NEI conducted over 25 focus groups with eye care professionals and office staff to identify barriers, opportunities, and methods for enhancing the referral process. NEI seeks to determine the nature and extent of problems a referral education program should address, what the goals should be, and how a pilot program should be developed to achieve those goals. Recommendations included: (1) print media such as the proposed Physician’s Vision Rehabilitation Services Desk Reference, vision rehabilitation services fast facts, other brief print materials, (2) audiovisual media such as Physician’s Vision Rehabilitation Services Audio Tape Series and Patient Videos Addressing Low Vision Referral, and (3) Web-based Enhancements and Referral Tools, such as Web links and the Low Vision Services Locator.

FEDERAL CONTACT: Rosemary Janiszewski, 301-496-5248

PIC ID: 7891

PERFORMER: ORC Macro, Calverton, MD

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