Performance Improvement 2003. National Center for Environmental Health


Evaluating a Free Vitamin Supplement Distribution Program in State-Funded Family Planning Clinics

The purpose of this evaluation was to assess the impact of the Georgia Folic Acid Initiative (GFAI) on family planning clients’ knowledge about the benefits of folic acid, their attitude toward supplementation, and their use of folic acid supplements. Six Title X County Family Planning Clinics participated in the evaluation. Three clinics provided educational materials and super-fortified cereal and one clinic provided educational materials only. A survey of women aged 18 to 45 who use the clinics was conducted.

Additionally focus groups were conducted to gather data regarding: (1) participants’ experiences with   the GFAI, (2) barriers and facilitators for implementing the GFAI, (3) factors that encouraged or discouraged clients’ use of free folic acid supplements, and (4) recommendations for improving the intervention. Four focus groups were conducted with clients who participated in the evaluation and two focus groups were conducted with staff from nine Georgia family planning sites participating in the GFAI. Focus group participants largely viewed the GFAI as a successful and beneficial intervention. Client and staff participants appreciated that folic acid supplements were provided free. As a daily supplement, folic acid pills were preferred to cereal. Most of the clients in the focus groups reported taking at least some of the pills given to them. However, very few took folic acid pills on a daily basis.

FEDERAL CONTACT: Katherine Lyon-Daniel, 404-498-3965 PIC ID: 7042/7748

PERFORMER: Battelle Corporation, Arlington, VA

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