Performance Improvement 2003. Dissemination of Evaluation Reports


Maintaining report libraries and distributing information on evaluation results is an important part of HHS evaluation management. Interested individuals can access the Department’s information and reports on major evaluations through the HHS Policy Information Center (PIC) website: The website offers users an opportunity to search (by key word or by selected program or policy topics) the departmental evaluation database and electronic report library maintained by ASPE. As an information database and library resource, the PIC contains over 8,000 completed and in-progress evaluation and policy research studies conducted by the Department, as well as key studies completed outside of HHS by the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) and private foundations.

Typically, the results of HHS evaluations are disseminated through targeted distribution of final reports, articles in refereed journals, and presentations at professional meetings and conferences. Although individual HHS agencies have primary responsibility for disseminating results, the ASPE will continue its Department-wide efforts to expand dissemination of evaluation results to the larger research and practice communities through centralized computer communications and publications like the PIC website and project information database.

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