Performance Improvement 2003. Administration on Developmental Disabilities


Profile of Three EI² Pilot Sites

The purpose of this project was to develop a preliminary conceptual framework for a realistic, community-based, and person-centered model of comprehensive and holistic long-term support services for persons with severe or multiple developmental disabilities who are entering or are currently in the workforce. The research and evaluation activities of the Economic Independence and Inclusion (EI²)

project consisted of: a review and analysis of research and pertinent federal and state policies and programs; the development of 22 case studies of past and present approaches and “best practices”; design, field testing (in three sites), and finalizing the desired model; and utilization of an expert advisory panel to review all products. The EI² Model addresses the following questions: What attempts have previously been made or are currently underway to design and implement a person-centered directed comprehensive service model that results in valued employment outcomes for the target population?

What are the common elements and unique features of these programs and the barriers they encounter? What would be a realistic model for the target population, and how can it best be implemented?

Recommendations were for: (1) each state’s Olmstead Planning Group to identify options within their state (HCB) Medicaid waiver and to create a state level working group to review state oversight plans for commitment of resources to expand opportunities for production of income; (2) commitment at state and local levels to cross agency training and capacity building; (3) additional training, research, and technical assistance nationwide to build understanding and knowledge transfer of promising practices; (4) commitments from state and local government to part- and full-time employment of the target population with job sharing and additional natural and paid supports in the workplace; and (5) additional research to monitor the impact of benefit counseling services and results achieved with implementation.

FEDERAL CONTACT: Hossein Farris, 202-205-4922 PIC ID: 7544

PERFORMER: Diana McIver & Associates, Inc., Austin, TX

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