Performance Improvement 2002. Evaluation in the Department of Health and Human Services


Evaluation in the Department of Health and Human Services

Evaluation plays an integral role in carrying out the HHS mission. Assessing various aspects of agency program performance allows staff to identify means of improving that performance. The HHS evaluation function has three goals: (1) to provide information on HHS programs that helps government officials and members of the Congress make decisions related to programs, policies, budgets, and strategic planning; (2) to help HHS managers improve program operations and performance; and (3) to disseminate evaluation results and methodological tools useful to the larger health and human services community of state and local officials, researchers, advocates, and practitioners for improving the performance of their programs.

This appendix presents the organization and operation of evaluation at HHS. Described first is the definition and basic purposes of evaluation at HHS, followed by information on resources and funding mechanisms used to support evaluations. The last section of the appendix provides more details on various aspects of the management of HHS evaluation activities, such as the role played in departmental planning initiatives; how evaluation projects are managed; how HHS agencies ensure technical quality of evaluation projects, and promote effective dissemination and use of evaluation results.