Performance Improvement 2002. Chapter I - Results in Brief: Completed Outcome-Oriented Program Evaluations


In this chapter of Performance Improvement 2002, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) presents the “results in brief” of FY 2001 completed evaluations that specifically address the effectiveness of a program or service. The evaluation may focus either on: (1) broad program strategies, which may encompass a number of authorized programs to address a particular need; (2) a single program that has it own congressional authorization and appropriation; or (3) a specific activity within a program that is essential to its overall effectiveness. These evaluations may provide important information for Congress in decisions about HHS programs. The evaluations are organized according to general HHS programs areas:

  • Healthcare/Public Health
  • Healthcare Financing
  • Human Service Programs

The “results in brief” presentation for each evaluation provides the title of the final report, followed by the study purpose, major findings, and the recommendations or uses. The studies listed in Chapter I are not repeated in Chapter II.