Performance Improvement 2001. Year 2000 Community Health Center and National Health Service Corps User/Visit Survey


The purpose of this study is to conduct: 1) a personal interview survey of users of Community Health Center/Maternal and Child Bureau sites; 2) a separate record-based study of visits to these sites; and 3) a pilot test of the feasibility of a prospective sampling strategy for use in the Community Health Center and National Health Service Corps User/Visit Survey. The user and visit survey will provide in-depth information about the socio-demographic characteristics of users, their risk behaviors and health status, the reasons they seek care, most frequent diagnoses, satisfaction with care, monitoring of chronic conditions, and the services used in a medical encounter. Attention will be paid to whether the sites provide care that meet or exceeds the Healthy People 2000 and 2010 national objectives. A sample of 50-60 grantee health centers and 15 non-grantee, freestanding sites will be selected, and a sample of 40- 50 clients per center/site from medical records. Sampling from the 48 contiguous States will involve urban /rural and the West, Midwest, Northeast, and South Census regions. Questions will be taken from the National Health Interview Survey to allow comparisons with the national population. A retrospective sample of visits will be drawn to obtain a profile of the kinds of conditions treated and services provided.


AGENCY SPONSOR: Bureau of Primary Health Care

FEDERAL CONTACT: Jerrilynn Regan, 301-594-4283

PIC ID: 6811

PERFORMER: Research Triangle Institute, Research Triangle Park, NC