Performance Improvement 2001. Utilizing the Indian-Specific Health Risk Assessment to Evaluate Community Health Promotion/Disease Prevention Programs


This project will: (1) produce a planning and assessment model for rural Alaska villages to develop a community behavior risk profile, (2) plan and implement appropriate intervention strategies, and (3) determine the impact of these interventions. It will collect baseline data through a community-wide health risk appraisal (HRA), and use model results to: (1) identify the most serious health risk behaviors, (2) plan appropriate interventions, (3) readminister the HRA in the community after a trial period to determine its impact, and (4) conduct a workshop for other communities to facilitate program replication.


AGENCY SPONSOR: Office of Public Health

FEDERAL CONTACT: Elizabeth A. Fowler


PIC ID: 4996

PERFORMER: Southeast Alaska Regional Health Corporation

Sitka, AK