Performance Improvement 2001. ULP Program Evaluation: Final Report


The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), through its User Liaison Program (ULP), synthesizes and disseminates health care research results to State and local health policymakers in order to provide them with the "information and tools with which informed health policy decisions can be made." Among the "products" offered through ULP are two-and-a-half day policy-thematic workshops, somewhat longer skill-oriented workshops, and, more recently, somewhat briefer Masters Series seminars targeted to high-level policymakers, as well as written and electronic material. The primary goal of this evaluation was to demonstrate how participants used the information and materials they obtained at the workshops. The evaluation also examined whether or not ULP is appropriately targeted toward audiences most likely to use ULP products effectively. The evaluation had two components. First, an analysis of 1999 workshop participants to determine whether or not the workshops were attracting high-level participants. In the second part of the evaluation, phone interviews were conducted with 50 participants of 1999 workshops. The report found that respondents consider ULP workshops to be high-quality, informative, interactive learning events. Most respondents have used the information they gained at the workshop, either to enhance their knowledge base on health matters or in a direct application to their work. The complete final report can be found on the web at this address:

AGENCY SPONSOR: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

FEDERAL CONTACT: Steve Seitz, 301-594-2066

PIC ID: 7512

PERFORMER: Abt Associates, Inc., Cambridge, MA and Urban Institute, Washington, DC