Performance Improvement 2001. Treatment Improvement Protocols Field Evaluation


More than 25 Treatment Improvement Protocols (TIPs) have been distributed to the public. The purpose of TIPs is to transfer protocols and guidelines for the treatment of alcohol and other drug (AOD) abuse from acknowledged clinical, evaluation and administrative experts to the nation's AOD treatment field. Institution of a field evaluation is needed to: (1) assess the extent to which target audiences realize, read and implement TIPs; and (2) learn ways to strengthen the development, formatting, marketing, dissemination, use and evaluation of TIPs to ensure effective use of future Federal resources devoted to TIPs. The overall objective of the proposed evaluation is to learn the impact of TIPs on the substance abuse treatment field. The study will examine methods of dissemination used by CSAT, the success of those methods in reaching the target audiences, users' perceptions of the value of TIPs, decisions to implement TIPs, and the successes, correlates and barriers associated with implementation.


AGENCY SPONSOR: Center for Substance Abuse Treatment

FEDERAL CONTACT: Kevin Mulvey, 301-443-9472

PIC ID: 6737

PERFORMER: Johnson, Bassin and Shaw, Inc., Silver Spring, MD