Performance Improvement 2001. Survey of Medicare Beneficiaries Who Were Involuntarily Disenrolled from HMOs that Withdrew from Medicare


When HMOs withdraw from the Medicare program or reduce their service areas, thousands of Medicare beneficiaries become disenrolled involuntarily each year. There has, therefore, been concern among policymakers about the impact of the recent HMO withdrawals on the beneficiary population. CMS anticipates that additional withdrawals may occur in 2001 and subsequent years. It is desirable to know the impact on beneficiaries if a significant number of additional withdrawals occurs in 2001. This project will conduct a survey that asks about the experience of beneficiaries whose plans withdraw from Medicare or reduce their service areas in January 2001. the universe from which the survey sample will be drawn is the Medicare population enrolled in managed care plans taht either terminate their risk contracts or reduce their service areas in January 2001. They survey will be conducted by mail with telephone followup, and will consist of 20-30 questions.


AGENCY SPONSOR: Office of Strategic Planning

FEDERAL CONTACT: Gerald Riley, 410-786-6699

PIC ID: 7421

PERFORMER: University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI