Performance Improvement 2001. Status of Nutrition Labeling, Health Claims, and Nutrient Content Claims on Processed Foods - 1997 Food Label and Package Survey (FLAPS)


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) uses the Food Label and Package Survey (FLAPS) data to support policy, regulatory, food safety decisions, and economic impact assessments. FDA has used FLAPS data to gain information on nutrition labeling on product packages, the extent of labeling on various nutrients, the extent of use of specific product ingredients; the accuracy of product serving sizes, and the prevalence of various health claims on food products. In 1997, FDA conducted the eleventh FLAPS survey. Findings indicated that nutrition-labeled products accounted for an estimated 97% of the annual sales of processed, packaged foods. Nutrient content and health claims appeared on an estimated 39% and 4%, respectively, of the products sold.

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