Performance Improvement 2001. Region VIII Dental Infrastructure Project Assessment of Colorado, North Dakota and South Dakota


This project performed an assessment of three states' dental public health infrastructures using a variety of data sets collected from national, state and local sources, including Medicaid data, and data from the Area Resource File. The intent was to establish a baseline of information for future analyses of changes and trends. The project also tested the utility of GIS mapping as a tool for assembling and displaying information necessary for dental infrastructure assessment. The final report describes dental demand, supply and distribution in the study states. The project confirmed that acquiring local and national data, displaying the results on state and regional maps, and training state and regional dental health professions in the use of GIS is of value to the recipients and promotes ongoing integration of these tools into routine operations. A CD-ROM was produced to provide access to the database.

AGENCY SPONSOR: Office of the Administrator

FEDERAL CONTACT: James N. Sutherland, 303-844-3204

PIC ID: 7242

PERFORMER: Quality Resource Systems, Inc., Fairfax, VA