Performance Improvement 2001. Phase I of the Feasibility Study for Electronic Bulletin Board (EBB) to Promote Health Services Research Partnerships


The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) requested this study to determine, in Phase I, the feasibility of creating an electronic bulletin board (EBB) that would facilitate forming health services research partnerships. Phase II will occur only if the EBB should prove feasible. Through structured discussions with web managers of Internet sites and focus groups of health services researchers, it was found that there is little need for or desire to use the proposed EBB to facilitate the establishment of research partnerships at the present time. Informants indicated a preference for continuing to identify candidates for research partnerships through personal-professional networks or literature reviews. Alternatives that AHRQ may wish to consider that the report suggests might achieve some of the objectives of the proposed EBB are to: include the EBB as an application on an existing web site for health services research; develop and promote a listserv around partnership issues thereby creating a user community that is interested in the proposed EBB; develop a referral network with organizations that currently promote partnerships in health services research to broker those requests for partnerships coming to AHRQ; and compile and disseminate information about funding for health services research and promote the creation of more requests for applications and requests for proposals that require (and reward) the creation of partnerships.

AGENCY SPONSOR: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

FEDERAL CONTACT: Cindy Brach, 301-594-1824

PIC ID: 7404

PERFORMER: Battelle Corporation, Arlington, VA