Performance Improvement 2001. Performance Outcome Measures Project - Field Testing Phase


The Performance Outcomes Measures project (POMP) has been sponsored by the Administration on Aging (AoA) to develop performance based measures for evaluating aging services. Another goal is to develop a prototype system for recording and reporting agency level information. POMP is a multi-agency collaboration involving state and local agencies on aging. AoA, contractors and consultants. The performance measures developed for this project are intended to cover a range of issues such as: documenting that services are targeted to persons with the greatest social and economic needs, as the Older Americans Act requires; identifying, exploring, or monitoring important aspects of the services provided or the communities and client populations served by programs, even where no clear link to services can be established and analyzing the accomplishments of programs or services for service recipients. AOA has recently made grants to sixteen states for a second year of field testing of the survey instruments developed during the first year of the project. Preliminary data from the first project year are now beginning to arrive and to be analyzed with an eye toward program improvements.


AGENCY SPONSOR: Office of Assistant Secretary for Aging

FEDERAL CONTACT: David Bunoski, 202-260-0669

PIC ID: 6855

PERFORMER: Westat, Inc., Rockville, MD