Performance Improvement 2001. Office of Minority Health-Resource Center (OMH-RC) Customer Satisfaction Survey: Final Report


The purpose of this project was to implement a Customer Satisfaction Survey that was designed to evaluate the extent to which the Office of Minority Health Resource Center (OMHRC) is reaching objectives that were established by the Office of Minority Health when the Center was formalized. Objectives for the OMHRC were to: 1) Collect and maintain information on minority health resources available from Federal, State, and local organizations; 2) foster relationships and form partnerships with health professionals, health organizations, and others interested in minority health, and 3) facilitate the exchange of minority health information with emphasis on health promotion, disease prevention, and health education. It was found that an overwhelming majority (more than 96%) appreciated materials and referrals from the Resource Center. Westerners were less likely to find expert referrals useful, use the toll- free telephone service, find requested information being delivered timely, and use the Resource Center again. The study also found that Westerners expected less, and received less, from the Resource Center than did Easterners. The source of this difference was traced to the Resource Center being placed and operated on East Coast time. Westerners were limited to five hours of personal contact, during the OMHRC business day. OMH will use these findings to establish a set of recommended improvements that target Westerners and populations that comprise the smaller percentage of its user base (e.g., Asians/Pacific Islanders, American Indians, and health care professionals). Budget increases and re- evaluation of programmatic activities will be pursued accordingly.

AGENCY SPONSOR: Office of Minority Health,

FEDERAL CONTACT: Howard L. Kelley, 301-443-5224

PIC ID: 6244

PERFORMER: Research Triangle Institute, Research Triangle Park, NC