Performance Improvement 2001. OCSE Responsible Fatherhood Programs: Early Implementation Lessons


In 1997, the Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) funded Responsible Fatherhood Demonstration Projects in eight states to improve the employment and earnings of under- and unemployed noncustodial parents, and to motivate them to become more financially and emotionally involved with their children. This report is an early implementation analysis of the programs and focuses on (1) how they are administered; (2) the types of services they deliver; (3) the coalitions they fcreated with community-based organizations and state and local service agencies; (4) how they recruit program participants; and (5) how they monitor client progress. The report also outlines 10 lessons learned from the early experiences of the programs with implementation and operation. This preliminary assessment of the projects demonstrates that there are many different paths to pursue in the quest to achieve the program's goals.

AGENCY SPONSOR: Office of Child Support Enforcement

FEDERAL CONTACT: David Arnaudo, 202-401-5364

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PERFORMER: Lewin Group Fairfax, VA and The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD