Performance Improvement 2001. National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services in Health Care


This project would revise and promote an agenda of cost, quality, and outcome-related research on language and cultural competency, including research that would explore issues related to cost- effectiveness, clinical efficiency, and the validation of different methods and models of linguistic and culturally competent interventions, including medical interpretation, translation, and cross cultural provider and program assessment, training, and programming. Drawing on the expertise of researchers, policymakers, and providers already interested in linguistically and culturally competent care (complemented by experts in cost, quality, outcomes research), it would produce not just a onetime report, but sponsor and maintain an online research clearinghouse/networking site for regularly updated and synergistically developed information.


AGENCY SPONSOR: Office of Minority Health

FEDERAL CONTACT: Guadalupe Pacheco, 301-443-5084

PIC ID: 7260.1

PERFORMER: Center for the Advancement of Health, Washington, DC