Performance Improvement 2001. National Evaluation Data Services


The National Evaluation Data Services (NEDS) was established to increase the number of scientifically based analyses to answer vital questions in the substance abuse treatment field. NEDS represents part of an overall CSAT evaluation strategy that builds upon prior findings and seeks to mine existing data whose potential has not been fully explored. One objective of the NEDS project is to provide a wide array of data management and scientific support services across various program and evaluation activities, including an information system of available data related to the evaluation of substance abuse treatment. Another objective is to provide CSAT with a flexible analytical capability to use existing data to address policy- relevant questions about substance abuse treatment, and to clearly articulate the resulting analyses as they relate to policy through fact sheets, evaluation summaries, technical reports, methods development documents and technical guidance documents.


AGENCY SPONSOR: Center for Substance Abuse Treatment

FEDERAL CONTACT: Ron Smith, 301-443-7730

PIC ID: 5994.4

PERFORMER: Caliber Associates, Fairfax, VA