Performance Improvement 2001. A Nat. Assessment of Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Serv. in Managed Care Organizations Serving Racially and Ethnically DIv. and Vul. Pops.


This project will conduct a survey of a national random sample of managed care organizations (MCOs) serving racially/ethnically diverse communities. The survey will identify the nature and extent of culturally and linguistically appropriate services (CLAS) being provided by these health plans. It is intended to inform and educate health service executives and managers about the nature and importance of CLAS, encourage policies and practices in support of CLAS for all Americans, and establish meaningful national baseline data on the nature and extent of CLAS being provided across the country. This is especially important in communities where language and cultural differences create access barriers and barriers to quality of care. It is expected that the end products will include an analysis and report of the range of such services, an identification of best practices and model approaches, and an explication of the community and organizational factors conducive to the provision or inhibition of CLAS.


AGENCY SPONSOR: Office of Minority Health

FEDERAL CONTACT: Betty Hawks, 301-443-5084

PIC ID: 6674

PERFORMER: Cosmos Corporation, Bethesda, MD