Performance Improvement 2001. Midcourse Assessment of the Research Infrastructure in Minority Institutions Program


The National Center for Research Resources (NCRR) contracted with the Center for Health Policy Studies (CHPS) Consulting to conduct a midcourse assessment of the Research infrastructure in Minority Institutions (RIMI) grant program. In 1996, seven institutions were awarded RIMI funding to build their research capacity over a five year period. This report documents the assessment of the RIMI Program, which was performed at the end of the third year of funding. It was found that all seven of the RIMI institutions increased their capacity to conduct biomedical and behavioral research, as evidenced by numbers of research faculty, facility improvements and research activities. To varying extents, all schools have active collaboration with research intensive institutions; and schools are better prepared to compete for future research funding than they were three years ago. However, there is not enough evidence to definitively indicate whether schools are developing a critical mass of faculty investigators and research activity that will be self-sustaining beyond RIMI grant funding. They are on the track of doing so, but it is not clear that five years of RIMI funding will be enough for schools to stand on their own without it. Recommendations include decrease teaching loads for faculty members so they can be allowed time to conduct research; facilitate faculty interaction with other scientists; resolve procurement difficulties; and provide adequate staffing in laboratories.

AGENCY SPONSOR: National Center for Research Resources

FEDERAL CONTACT: Patricia A. Vorndran, 301-435-0866

PIC ID: 5580

PERFORMER: Center for Health Policy Studies, Columbia, MD