Performance Improvement 2001. Medicare Post-Acute Care: Evaluation of BBA Payment Policies and Related Changes


The purpose of this project is to study the impact of the Balanced Budget Act (BBA) and other policy changes on Medicare utilization and delivery patterns of post-acute care. Post-acute care is generally defined to include the Medicare covered services provided by skilled nursing facilitie s(SNFs), home health agencies, rehabilitation hospitals and distinct part units, long term care hospitals, and outpatient rehabilitation providers. Understanding the relationships among post-acute care delivery systems is critical to the development of policies that encourage appropriate and cost-effective use of the entire range of care settings. The results of this work may be useful in refining policies for individual types of post- acute care, as well as in developing a more coordinated approach across all settings.


AGENCY SPONSOR: Office of Strategic Planning

FEDERAL CONTACT: Philip G. Cotterill, 410-786-6598

PIC ID: 7417

PERFORMER: Medstat Group, Washington, DC