Performance Improvement 2001. Management Options for the Office of Priority Populations


Following the Congressional mandate stipulating that AHRQ establish an Office of Priority Populations (OPP) to conduct and support research, evaluations and demonstration projects, the Lewin Group was requested to develop a range of organizational and management options to establish that office. The goal of the OPP will be to determine the etiology of health disparities among priority populations and to provide solutions that will begin to close the gap. Priority populations include low income groups, minorities, women, children, elderly, those with special needs, and rural and inner-city persons. The Lewin Group conducted an extensive two-month review of AHRQ internal staff, agency representatives and external groups to propose a set of recommendations on the establishment of this new office. They recommend that the Office have a Director with a speciality in one of the priority areas and additional staff of 10 to 12 individuals. The Director shall have four persons reporting directly to his/her and who can address the crosscutting needs of rural, inner-city, special needs, and low-income sub-groups. The development of the OPP, they recommend, should focus on: strategic planning activities including identifying the vision, goals and objectives for priority populations research; infrastructure building focusing on development of internal and external communication channels; budget development; and staff development.

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