Performance Improvement 2001. Impact of a Structured, Comprehensive, Multi-Disciplinary Patient Education Initiative--Year 2


This study will: (1) promote wellness and prevent disease by providing comprehensive, accurate and understandable education to each patient, (2) study the impact of this multidisciplinary, planned patient education program on the health and wellness knowledge base of the patient population, and (3) document positive lifestyle/behavioral changes as a result of the education provided. The study population encompasses all American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) patients eligible for care at the Service Unit (predominantly Cherokees). The Service Unit covers 12 counties in northeastern Oklahoma with 149,939 outpatient visits, accounting for 32,105 patients. This study will be submitted for publication in current medical journals by the Indian Health Service (IHS) provider. Information generated from this study will be disseminated to all tribes in the service area and all IHS facilities.


AGENCY SPONSOR: Office of Public Health

FEDERAL CONTACT: Elizabeth A. Fowler, 301-443-3024

PIC ID: 7140

PERFORMER: Indian Health Service

Rockville MD