Performance Improvement 2001. Impact of Rwca Title I Funding on HIV Services Utilization and Health Outcomes in Las Vegas, Nevada and Norfolk, Virginia


The purpose of this collaborative project with CDC is to examine the impact of Ryan White CARE Act Title I funding on HIV service use and outcomes in newly eligible metropolitan areas (EMAs). Title I grants are expected to increase each EMA's financial base for planning, developing, and expanding HIV-related health and support services. This project will determine how these funds affect the availability, accessibility, quality, continuity, and integration of care, and HIV-related morbidity (e.g., the incidence of opportunistic infection) and mortality among underserved and vulnerable populations with HIV/AIDS. A cross-sectional pre- and post-analysis of the effects of Title I funding will be conducted in two new EMAs-- Las Vegas, Nevada and Norfolk- Newport News, Virginia. The analysis will provide additional information about the nature and magnitude of the impact of Ryan White program funding on health care services and outcomes for persons with HIV/AIDS.



FEDERAL CONTACT: Faye Malitz, 301-443-3259

PIC ID: 7215

PERFORMER: The Learning Group Corporation, Rockville MD