Performance Improvement 2001. Historically Black Medical Colleges' Participation in HRSA-Supported Health Professions Training Programs


The purpose of this study was to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the level of participation of Historically Black Medical Colleges (HBMC) in HRSA-supported health professions training programs. The study involved an analysis of grant funding for the HBMCs as well as interviews with HRSA program staff and informants from the HBMCs. The final report is primarily narrative and presents 11 findings and 14 recommendations. Generally speaking, the report suggests that HRSA and HBMCs share complementary missions that serve as the basis for developing a stronger working relationship. The report recommends that the relationship be built around stable funding for those HBMCs that can demonstrate that they are producing measurable outcomes that are associated with clearly defined objectives. Those objectives should be related to production of health professionals who are committed to serving the medically under served.

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