Performance Improvement 2001. Health Status Outcomes for the Bureau of Primary Health Care: A Pilot Study Assessing Physiologic Measures Through Medical Record Review


Through a review of medical records, this study will assess changes in health status among a sample of adult patients of Community Health Centers (CHCs). The conditions selected for evaluation are hypertension and diabetes mellitus. The review will address: (1) the definition of a CHC "user"; (2) confirmation of a diagnosis; (3) patient stratification by severity and/or onset of the condition; (4) expected attrition rates; (5) inclusion of insurance/payer status as a control variable; (6) the time frame in which the two conditions will be measured; (7) protocol for sampling medical records; (8) development of an index of co-morbidities; (9) preparation of a taxonomy of CHC site characteristics; and (10) the appropriate instrument for extracting pertinent data. This project continues the HRSA's systematic effort to identify health status outcomes that may be used to measure the effectiveness of primary care programs.


AGENCY SPONSOR: Bureau of Primary Health Care

FEDERAL CONTACT: Barbara Wells, 301-594-4463

PIC ID: 6802

PERFORMER: The Lewin Group, Fairfax, VA