Performance Improvement 2001. Health Status Outcome Measures for the Bureau of Primary Health Care: Examination of Episodes of Care for Diabetes, Hypertension, Asthma


A consensus conference in December, 1995 recommended the use of Medicaid data to examine changes in utilization patterns for Community Health Center (CHC) patients diagnosed with ambulatory care sensitive conditions (ACSCs). These are conditions which frequently can be managed with timely and effective treatment in outpatient settings, thus preventing the need for hospitalization. The purpose of this study is to compare episodes of ambulatory care for CHC users to those of non-CHC users when both have been hospitalized with a primary diagnosis of diabetes, hypertension, asthma, or other ACSCs, as well as when neither has been hospitalized. A previous study (See PIC ID 6001) showed that Medicaid beneficiaries who received most of their care from CHCs had lower hospitalization rates for ACSCs than did non-CHC users. Findings of the current study will improve understanding as to why CHC users experience lower hospitalization rates for ACSCs, and may have different patterns of ambulatory care use. Findings should also identify the major strengths and limitations of the State Medicaid Research Files for examining episodes of care for a comparison of CHC users and non-CHC users.


AGENCY SPONSOR: Bureau of Primary Health Care

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PERFORMER: MDS Associates, Inc., Wheaton, MD