Performance Improvement 2001. Health Services Research Education: Assessing Customer Satisfaction and Program Needs


The goals of this project were to provide the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR) with information about present and anticipated needs in health services research training that are not currently being met or are only being met partially by the AHCPR-funded program; and An assessment of the level of satisfaction that past trainees from the institutionally-based health services research training program had with their experiences during training, and with the adequacy of these training activities relative to trainees' career expectations and requirements. The evaluation consisted of (1) a needs assessment for the national training program in health services research; and (2) an assessment of customer satisfaction among former trainees with the education, research, and mentoring features of this program. The assessments were focused on four broad areas of inquiry, which are: Infrastructure, Community, Visibility, and Future Directions. Focus group discussions were held among the key stakeholders of the training programs, other focus groups were conducted with program directors, program faculty, current trainees and employers of health services researchers, and a questionnaire was used to determine customer satisfaction with the trainee experience. Overall, respondents were satisfied with the quality of their training experience; 77 percent were satisfied with their program's visibility; large numbers were satisfied with many aspects of the infrastructure, the mentoring from the faculty, the duration of the stipend, and the academic programs: There was not, however, a strong sense of community among AHCPR trainees.

AGENCY SPONSOR: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

FEDERAL CONTACT: Debbie Rothstein, 301-594-2918

PIC ID: 7011

PERFORMER: Battelle Columbus Laboratories, Columbus, OH