Performance Improvement 2001. Health Care Status Outcome Measures for the Bureau of Primary Health Care: The Assessment of Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions Through State Medicaid


This project will compare the relative risk of inpatient hospitalizations for Community Health Center (CHC) users with non-CHC users for ambulatory care sensitive conditions. Ambulatory care sensitive conditions are those considered preventable, treatable, or controllable in an outpatient setting. The project will design and test a methodology using selected areas in selected states from the newly available State Medicaid Research Files (SMRF). Major research questions for the study include: (1) the best methodological design to assess relative risk of inpatient hospitalizations for selected ambulatory conditions; (2) the relative risk of inpatient hospitalizations.


AGENCY SPONSOR: Bureau of Primary Health Care

FEDERAL CONTACT: Barbara Wells, 301-594-4463

PIC ID: 6364

PERFORMER: MDS Associates, Inc., Wheaton, MD