Performance Improvement 2001. Final Report on "Review of the Literature on Evaluations of Outreach for Public Health Insurance and Selected Other Programs"


This effort was comprised of a literature review and synthesis of the empirically-based evidence on the effectiveness of interventions to increase enrollment of low-income children and families in public health insurance programs. The primary purpose of the literature review was to enhance understanding of what is known, and what is yet to be known, about the types of outreach interventions that are likely to be most successful for increasing enrollment in the State Child Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP) and Medicaid programs. The literature review identifies and reviews nine published evaluations of outreach activities designed to increase awareness of, or enrollment in, public insurance programs. The review also identifies and describes 17 formal evaluations underway of outreach efforts to improve enrollment in Medicaid and SCHIP programs. The review found that rigorous evaluations of the types of outreach activities that are frequently considered to be more effective for overcoming barriers to enrollment in SCHIP, Medicaid, or other public insurance programs are largely absent from the published literature. Research is deficient with regard to outreach strategies targeting various subgroups of children, community variables that might facilitate or mitigate outreach strategies, and the cost-effectiveness of alternative approaches. The report concludes with options for prioritizing future research in this area.

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