Performance Improvement 2001. Evaluation of the ZAP Asthma Program


ZAP Asthma is a public-private partnership in Atlanta to decrease asthma morbidity and mortality in the Atlanta Empowerment Zone by demonstrating the effectiveness of environmental control and health education strategies, such as use of community health workers, public/private collaboration, and systems improvement and capacity building. The evaluation found program stakeholders and participants to have mixed opinions about the success of the program in achieving community collaboration and capacity building goals. The study conclusions identified barriers to successful implementations, such as the demands of the program's science protocol (impact of program on health of target families), the environmental focus of the strategies, unmet commitments, and inadequate funding. ZAP Asthma did demonstrate successfully with qualitative data that community health workers can engage and assist families with the care of their children with asthma . The results of the science protocol will be presented in a subsequent report. The evaluation report contains recommendations for addressing the implementation challenges faced by ZAP Asthma in Atlanta for future replications.

AGENCY SPONSOR: National Center for Environmental Health

FEDERAL CONTACT: James Rifenburg, 770-488-7322

PIC ID: 7048

PERFORMER: Macro International, Inc., Atlanta, GA