Performance Improvement 2001. Evaluation of Oregon Medicaid Reform Demonstration


The Oregon Medicaid Reform Demonstration seeks to increase the number of individuals with access to affordable health care services and to contain State and Federal expenditures for health care. Under the demonstration, Medicaid coverage is made available to all State residents with family incomes less than, or equal to, the Federal poverty level (FPL) and who meet an assets test. The objectives of the evaluation are to determine the impact on: (1) access to care, (2) quality of care, (3) enrollee satisfaction, and (4) the cost of care, for both new enrollees and those previously enrolled in Medicaid. To the extent possible, the impact of the prioritized list and the increased use of managed care will be identified separately. Other areas of interest include: (1) the impact of the demonstration on the number of uninsured in the State, (2) provider participation and satisfaction, and (3) the number of private employers who offer health insurance as a fringe benefit.


AGENCY SPONSOR: Office of Strategic Planning

FEDERAL CONTACT: Paul J. Boben, 410-786-6629

PIC ID: 6166

PERFORMER: Health Economics Research, Inc., Waltham, MA