Performance Improvement 2001. Evaluation of NCIPC Injury Control Recommendations for Bicycle Helmets


In 1995, NCIPC published recommendations on the use of bicycle helmets in preventing head injuries, including information on the magnitude of related head injuries, potential impact of increased helmet use, helmet standards and crash performance, barriers to increased helmet use by the public, and approaches to increase community-level bicycle helmet use. The evaluation purpose was to measure effective use of the recommendations by NCIPC's injury prevention constituents (state and local health officials and national bicycle safety advocate organizations) and access the process of developing the recommendations. The study's survey of constituents showed that 90% of respondents found the recommendations useful for their efforts to increase bicycle helmet use, such as directing a bicycle helmet promotion program, advocating for a injury prevention program, and disseminating information to other injury prevention constituents. Eighty percent of respondents also said that CDC should develop additional recommendations to address prevention service problems. Survey results have helped CDC to improve the development and dissemination of recommendations.

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