Performance Improvement 2001. Evaluation of Medicaid Reporting Using SLAITS


The State and Local Area Integrated Telephone Survey (SLAITS) is a newly developed survey mechanism which utilizes the sampling frame and screening procedures of the ongoing National Immunization Survey (NIS). The objective of this project was to evaluate SLAITS as a modality for monitoring State performance in implementing the State Children's Health Insurance Program during a period of rapid State restructuring of health and welfare institutions. This final report presents three studies that use an alternative approach to assess the degree of Medicaid underreporting. In Studies 1 and 3, state administrative records were used to create sampling frames consisting of children currently enrolled in Medicaid. In Study 2, data on children selected during a random-digit-dial (RDD) telephone survey were linked back to state Medicaid enrollment records. This paper focused on the magnitude and effect of an underreporting bias and on the difficulties encountered when trying to link telephone surveys and administrative records. The study found that reporting of Medicaid coverage in population-based surveys is lower than the number of persons enrolled in Medicaid according to administrative data. Many health care research experts suspect that about 20% of the parents of Medicaid recipients do not report that their children receive Medicaid. And, linking survey respondents to Medicaid records will be hampered by difficulties in connecting focal children with enrollment lists and records.


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