Performance Improvement 2001. Evaluation of the Los Angeles GAINs Project


Los Angeles County transformed its previous, education-focused welfare-to-work program into a Work First program without having to reorganize its welfare agency. The implementation of Jobs-First GAIN succeeded due to commitment from top administrators within DPSS and the administrative authority to carry out the changes. Additionally, many DPSS staff and supervisors not only participated, but supported this process. The program had several impacts for single parents. Jobs-First GAIN led to substantial two- year increases in employment and in earnings. The program produced fairly modest reductions in welfare and Food Stamp receipt and large reductions in welfare and Food Stamp payments. There was a small increase in total income in year 2. With regards to medical care, the program did produce a shift from public to private insurers. The use of child care increased as well as the incidence of child care problems that had effects on employment. The program achieved larger employment and earnings gains than the country's previous, basic-education focused programs. The program's two-year impacts on earnings and welfare expenditures were somewhat larger for members of two-parent families than for single parents. Jobs-First GAIN increased two-year earnings for both men and women in two-parent families, although the average earnings gain for men was nearly twice that for women.

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