Performance Improvement 2001. Evaluation of Head Start Family Child Care Demonstration: Final Report


This evaluation assessed, over a three-year period, the effectiveness of the Head Start Family Child Care Homes (HSFCCH) demonstration projects, funded by the Agency for Children, Youth, and Families (ACYF) during Fiscal Year 1992. The report will serve in determining the quality of Head Start services provided in FCC homes, and whether these services meet quality standards, including Head Start Program Performance Standards. It also compares services delivered in FCC homes to those delivered in Head Start centers. The eighteen Head Start grantees participating in the demonstration have at least forty children in the year prior to kindergarten entrance enrolled in the HSFCC program, and a comparable number of children enrolled in the center-based program. Children were randomly assigned to the experimental and control groups. Data were collected on the cognitive, socio-emotional and physical development of the two cohorts of children participating in the study. A series of interviews were conducted with parents, family child care providers, grantee staff and administrators. Systematic observation of program service delivery was also employed to assess effectiveness.

AGENCY SPONSOR: Administration on Children, Youth and Families

FEDERAL CONTACT: Louisa Tarullo, 202-205-8324

PIC ID: 4975

PERFORMER: RMC Research Corporation, Portsmouth, NH