Performance Improvement 2001. Evaluation of the EverCare Demonstration Program


The major goals of the EverCare demonstration are to reduce medical complications and dislocation trauma resulting from hospitalization, and to save the expense of hospital care when patients can be managed safely in nursing homes with expanded services. The EverCare evaluation will combine data from site case studies, a network analysis of nurse practitioners, participant and caregiver surveys and participant utilization data to examine: (1) a comparison of enrollees and non-enrollees; (2) the process of implementation and operation of EverCare changes in the care process, as well as quality of care; (3) effects of the demonstration on enrollees' health and health care utilization; (4) satisfaction of enrollees and their families; and (5) effects of the demonstration on the costs of care, as well as payment sources.


AGENCY SPONSOR: Office of Strategic Planning

FEDERAL CONTACT: John Robst, 410-786-1217

PIC ID: 7185

PERFORMER: University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN