Performance Improvement 2001. Evaluation of Data Sources Used in Research on Health Care Markets


This report summarizes the findings of an effort to identify and describe data sources that can be used to conduct research on the characteristics of health care markets. The project was also undertaken to determine whether a comprehensive ongoing data system that describes health care markets can be constructed. To provide this information, the project conducted a literature review of health care market research and developed two data collection tools to ensure consistency and accuracy of the data collection. Because of their broad availability, the report recommends the use of both zip code level data sets and county level data to develop a data system that describes health care markets. The inventory of data sources undertaken in this project is the foundation for a more comprehensive feasibility study which should include an investigation of the possible uses for such a data system. Identification of the research questions to be answered by the system's data will be important for identifying the databases to be included in the system as well an investigation of data definitions to determine whether data sets are compatible when combined.


AGENCY SPONSOR: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

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PIC ID: 7402

PERFORMER: Center for Health Policy Research, Denver, CO