Performance Improvement 2001. Evaluation of the Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services For Children and Their Families Program


The Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for Children and their Families Program provides grants to improve and expand local systems of care designed to meet the individualized needs of children and adolescents with a serious emotional disturbance and their families. This report presents data from the third year of the evaluation of the children's services program, based on information collected through August 1998 from 22 grantees that were funded for their first of five years of support. The evaluation focuses on programs that established systems of care for approximately 34,377 children and their families. Presented in the report are two types of evaluation data, (1) outcome data based on project site evaluations of a selected group of 200 to 400 children assessed at intake, 6 months, 1 year, and annually thereafter for as long as they remained in the program. Outcome measures examined included an assessment of the child's clinical and social functioning, educational performance, and stability of living arrangements, coupled with an examination of family and child ratings of the services provided; and (2) descriptive data (e.g., demographic information, diagnostic status, functional characteristics, and referral sources) obtained at the time that children entered services.

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