Performance Improvement 2001. Evaluating the Effects of Medical Nutrition Therapy on Patient Outcomes Among Native Americans with Newly Diagnosed Type II Diabetes Mellitus


This study will: (1) evaluate the effectiveness of medical nutrition therapy (MNT) on clinical/behavioral outcomes in American Indians/Alaska Natives (AI/AN) with newly diagnosed Type II diabetes, (2) create a uniform methodology for collecting nutrition-oriented outcome data that is consistent among participating tribes, service units and urban programs, (3) analyze the type and amount of MNT provided with regard to patient outcomes, and (4) link this information with current clinical data from the IHS Diabetes Program which identifies Continuous Quality Improvement performance measures.


AGENCY SPONSOR: Office of Public Health

FEDERAL CONTACT: Elizabeth A. Fowler, 301-443-3024

PIC ID: 6746

PERFORMER: Indian Health Service

Rockville MD