Performance Improvement 2001. Development of Uniform Information/Data Set and Collateral Products for Assessing Impacts of OMH-funded Activities


The contractor will conduct a comprehensive analysis of past and current Office of Minority Health (OMH) funded activities including OMH grant programs, cooperative agreements, and personal services contracts to determine the current types of information/data collected and available from them. The contractor will then develop a uniform set of information/data elements that OMH grantees/partners could be encouraged to collect for OPHS and OMH GPRA performance measurement purposes. A project advisory group of Federal and non-Federal individuals will be utilized. This project will identify a uniform set of information/data that should be provided by the recipients of OMH funding in order for OMH to be able to demonstrate the "returns for the public's investment." The project is to include, but is not limited to, examinations of the findings of the recently completed evaluation of OMH's Bilingual/Bicultural Services Demonstration Program, work being done within OMH to develop a statistical data progress report, and the related experiences and successes of other DHHS entities--building upon these efforts rather than "reinventing the wheel." OMH anticipates that as a result of this contract, it will be able to implement a process for obtaining the information/data necessary to demonstrate that the various grant/funded programs supported by OMH make a difference that matters to and resonates with policy and budget decision makers. Collateral technical assistance documents related to the uniform data/information set will also be developed.


AGENCY SPONSOR: Office of Minority Health

FEDERAL CONTACT: Violet Ryo-Hwa Woo, 301-443-9923

PIC ID: 7097

PERFORMER: Development Services Group, Inc., Bethesda MD