Performance Improvement 2001. Cross-site Evaluation of the Community Prevention Coalitions Demonstration Grant Program


This project will conduct a cross-site evaluation of the Community Prevention Coalition (CPC) grant program over a five-year period. The goals of the evaluation are to assess: (1) the extent to which coalitions of service organizations created by the program are able to implement comprehensive and coordinated alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) prevention programs through an expanded and non- duplicative service delivery base; (2) the extent to which coalitions are able to achieve measurable reductions in the incidence and prevalence of ATOD use, and improvements in ATOD-related social, health and safety consequences among all age, ethnic and vulnerable groups within grantee communities; (3) the contributions of various prevention strategies to site-specific outcomes and to general prevention outcomes in those sites where measurable changes are made; and (4) those characteristics common to coalitions where measurable changes are achieved, as well as those that differentiate successful coalitions from unsuccessful ones. The contractor will be required to collect process and outcome data for analysis from coalitions. In addition, data collected locally by grantees and archived community-wide indicators will be used.


AGENCY SPONSOR: Center for Substance Abuse Prevention

FEDERAL CONTACT: Shakeh Kaftarian, 301-443-9136

PIC ID: 6042

PERFORMER: Cosmos Corporation, Bethesda, MD