Performance Improvement 2001. Continuation and Completion of a Study to Analyze Quality Assurance and HP/DP Monitoring, and Analyze Methods Using Patient Care Component


This study will analyze quality assurance (QA) and health promotion and disease prevention (HP/DP) monitoring and analysis methods using the Patient Care Component (PCC) and Resource and Patient Management Systems (RPMS). These systems are currently in use at the Indian Health Service (IHS) facilities in the Billings area. The project goal is to improve the health status of Indians living in the Billings area by using the PCC database to monitor quality assurance activities and HP/DP objectives, while improving the database's accuracy and completeness.


AGENCY SPONSOR: Office of Public Health

FEDERAL CONTACT: Elizabeth A. Fowler, 301-443-3024

PIC ID: 5018

PERFORMER: IHS Billings Area Office

Billings MT