Performance Improvement 2001. Consumer Attitudes Toward Potential Changes in Food Standards of Identify - Vol. 1: Final Report


On December 29, 1995, the FDA announced its plan to review its regulations pertaining to identity, quality and container fill for standardized foods, and its common or usual name regulations for non-standardized foods. The agency solicited comments from interested parties on whether these regulations should be retained, revised, or revoked. The FDA solicited comments on the benefits or lack of benefits of these regulations in facilitating domestic and international commerce. The FDA also asked for comments on the value of these regulations to consumers, and on alternative means of accomplishing the statutory objective of food standards. This was done in an effort to promote honesty and fairness in the interest of consumers. The FSIS published a similar announcement regarding its intent to consider whether to modify or eliminate specific Standards of Identity for meat and poultry products, or to modify its overall regulatory approach to standardized meat and poultry products. The FDA and the FSIS need information on how consumers would be affected by changes in Federal Standards of Identity for foods. Most importantly, the two agencies need information on whether consumers would prefer that particular standards be retained, modified, or eliminated for various types of food. (See PIC ID 6865.1, 6865.2)

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